There's a reason more printers choose DigiTab High Speed Copier Tabs.

It Starts with the Box. DigiTabs are packaged to ensure that your tabs always arrive defect free. DigiTabs feature 2 crush zones to protect against bent tabs. Inside of each master carton are 5 inner boxes. Each inner box is shrink wrapped for moisture control, and labeled for storage.  

Dependability. DigiTabs are manufactured in-line to ensure that every tab is the same. What's that mean for operators? No jamming, no smearing and no hassles.

Ease of Ordering. We think ordering copier tabs should be easy. That's why our online ordering system is designed to calculate your stock requirements for you. All you need to tell it is how many sets you need and how many total tabs are in a set. Or give us a call, a Sales Representative is standing by to take your call.

Finally...Our Promise. We know that DigiTabs are the best copier tabs on the market. If for some reason though you are not completely satisfied we want to know about it. We will stand behind our product 100% and do whatever it takes to satisfy you.


DigiTab Handling Tips and Instructions (PDF)